Chaplow Repeats Win at Krieghoff Classic DTL

30 May Chaplow Repeats Win at Krieghoff Classic DTL

2017 marked the 19th year of the Krieghoff Classic DTL.  The shoot consists of 100 DTL each day on Saturday (Day 1) and Sunday (Day 2), with the outright winner of Saturday scheduled to shoot-off against the winner of Sunday in the Grand Final on Sunday evening. Saturday saw three shooters top the board on 100/300, which meant there was a shoot-off to determine the Saturday winner. All three shooters were shooting Krieghoff K-80’s – Paul Neal, Paul Chaplow and Shane Smith. Paul Chaplow was victorious after a windy shootoff.

Lucky Numbers

Day 2 is the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers, an event worth sticking around for afterwards. The normal 100 DTL competition took place as usual, with a lot of high scores including 10 shooters at the top with 100/299, but nobody managing the perfect 100/300 on the day.  Following the main event was the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers Shoot-off, with a very generous additional prize of £3,000, sponsored by Krieghoff.  This year’s Lucky Numbers were 3 and 4. So all shooters with their score ending in either 3 or 4, shot off in their individual class until the was a class winner from AA, A, B and C. Once the class winners were decided, we then drew a Wild Card from every one who entered the shoot to make up the 5th member of the Super Final. The results of the Krieghoff Lucky Numbers Super Final are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Krieghoff Lucky Numbers
Final Position Name Class Prize Fund
1st D. Corvan A £1,000.00
2nd G. Thrane B £800.00
3rd M. Noone AA £600.00
4th I. Thurnell Wild Card £400.00
5th S. R. Thomas C £200.00


The Krieghoff DTL Main Event, Sunday’s Winner was decided by shoot-off. After two late 100/300’s were handed in from Austin Coxhead and Darren Bell, they went into a shoot-off, where eventually Austin bested Darren, taking him into the Super Final against Paul Chaplow (Saturday’s Winner).

The shoot-off between Austin Coxhead and Paul Chaplow was a tough one. Paul managed to keep hang in there and repeat as the Krieghoff DTL Champion once agin. This is the 3rd time Paul has won the event in the 19 years it’s been running. Congratulations Paul!  And on a special note,  Izzy Thurnell won Ladies, Juniors and B Class.  Well done Izzy!  Click here for full results


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