History was made at the Western Grand American

12 Jan History was made at the Western Grand American

Richard Marshall, Jr. shoots a 400×400!

As a company that develops and markets competition shotguns to all of the major disciplines, we are used to hearing about 400×400’s.   However, that is always from our friends and shooters in the skeet world.   The elusive 4×4 has only happened three times prior to this most recent Western Grand.   Phil Kiner has shot it twice with Stu Welton accomplishing this once.

Now we are happy to say that Richard Marshall, Jr. joins them in the record books with his own 400×400.  Rick was rightfully very excited after this milestone and told us that this was “One of my ultimate goals completed,” and we could not be happier for him.


With great shooting like that also comes quite a few trophies.   Including the HOA championship, HAA Championship, Handicap Championship, AAA Championship in the Doubles and Third in the Singles.  Joining in on the shooting was Stu Welton who finished Runner-up in the HOA and 3rd in the HAA with a 398.  Hardy Mussleman brought home the Junior Doubles Championship and Junior Singles Championship.

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