Krieghoff Celebrates at the Grand American

23 Aug Krieghoff Celebrates at the Grand American

The 2017 Grand American in Sparta, Illinois was very special for us this year. Our owners and mentors, Dieter and Betty Krieghoff were inducted into the Trapshooting Hall of Fame.  It was wonderful to see all of our friends and colleagues who have been part of Krieghoff’s success, recognize the contributions that Dieter and Betty have so generously been a part of over the past thirty years.  All of our shooters share in our company’s prosperity and help us strive to achieve more.

With the conclusion of the Grand American, we would like to highlight some of our shooters accomplishments at the most competitive event of the year. Harlan Campbell, Jr. took home another Open Clay Target Championship trophy. After 275 rounds in the shoot-off Harlan outlasted other Krieghoff shooters Ian Fleming and Stuart Welton. Deborah Ohye-Neilson took home the top Lady II honors in the Doubles championship, High Over-All, and High All-Around adding a third place trophy in the Clay Target Championship in the same division. Noah Gouge broke 300×300 in Singles, Doubles, and Handicap on August 3rd. Noah is the second Krieghoff junior shooter to accomplish this feat this year, the other being Sharred Oaks who added more trophies to his collection after this Grand.

We would like to also congratulate Janessa Beaman, Dalton Britt, Donald Neilson, Sean Hawley, Kie Kababik, Ean Taylor, Kay Ohye, Luke Cowart, Hardy Musselman, Ken Darroch, Ian Darroch, Jack Knaus, Brian Romanow, Evan Mood, Blake Campbell, Jerry Sedlacek, Justin Slater, Jeff Wagner, Frank Pascoe, Noah White, Phil Kiner, Mike Storeim, Zach Nannini, and all of our Krieghoff shooters for their various trophies and stellar results throughout the two week competition. Click here to visit the ATA website for full results.


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