Krieghoff presents the 2017 Gun of the Year

03 Mar Krieghoff presents the 2017 Gun of the Year

The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2017 celebrates the life of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody on the 100th Anniversary of his passing.  Master Engraver Hendrik Frühauf captures the true spirit of the Wild West Buffalo Bill shared with the world on a K-80 Sporter in 12 gauge illustrating the hunter, soldier and showman sides of this American Legend.

The receiver’s right side illustrates how Cody earned his famous moniker. His hunting prowess not only kept the men of the Kansas Pacific Railroad fed but won him the exclusive right to be called Buffalo Bill after he bested William Comstock in an  eight hour hunting competition for the name.

The receiver left side shows Buffalo Bill riding into the middle of his Wild West Show proudly bearing the American flag, symbolizing his deep patriotism. Rough Riders breaking broncos and a Native American settlement transport the spectator to the Wild West. In contrast the Chicago World’s Fair Ferris Wheel looms in the background.  Buffalo Bill’s answer to the outrageous tariff the World’s Fair organizer wanted to levy on the Wild West Show to participate, was to lease land outside of the fair gates and hold his show on his terms.  Seven months of sold out performances netted Buffalo Bill enough profits to establish the town of Cody, Wyoming and help various causes near to his heart.

The Buffalo Nickel engraved on specially designed hinge pins represent the Native Americans who worked in the Wild West show and were used as models for the coin.

The receiver bottom shows the classic showman pose Buffalo Bill was famous for framed in gold script and ornate scroll. Engraved on the top latch is the Medal of Honor awarded to Buffalo Bill for his work as a civilian scout during the Civil War. The dates “1846 – 1917” adorn the trigger guard depicting a life that spanned 71 years, and created a legend that will live forever.

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