Krieghoff Shooters Bring Home Silver & Bronze Medals

26 Aug Krieghoff Shooters Bring Home Silver & Bronze Medals

Krieghoff had a record number of our shooters qualify to compete in Rio  for 2016.  We had an amazing total of nine shooters from around the world attend and compete –  Marcus Svensson from Sweden, Corey Cogdell-Unrein from the USA, Andy Löw from Germany, Morgan Craft from the USA, Melisa and Federico Gil from Argentina, Frank Thompson from the USA, Gabby Ahrens from Namibia, and Maxime Mottet from Belgium

Marcus Svensson wins the silver medal in Skeet men:
Day 1 was difficult due to weather conditions, especially wind coming up and not always blowing in the same direction. Targets haven’t been easy because of this and affected some shooters more than others. After day 1 Marcus Svensson (SWE|K-80) was the only one shooting 75 straight and leading the field.
Day 2 began with sun and no wind. Just a beautiful day for the second and last day of Men’s Skeet event. Marcus shot 24 in both remaining rounds and had a total score of 123. Same score was only achieved by Abdullah Alrashidi (IOA). In the semi-final Marcus Svensson shot a perfect 16 out of 16 – so did Gabriele Rossetti (ITA). Both went into the Gold Medal match. Rossetti hadn’t missed any of the 16 targets and Svensson shot the first 15 targets with no miss as well. The 16th and very last target he missed. Marcus took the silver medal at his 2nd Olympic participation. In April Marcus said “In August my goal will be to enter the semifinal, then anything can happen.”
Big congratulations Marcus, you gained more than that! You did great!

Corey Cogdell-Unrein wins the bronze medal in Trap women:
It is already the second olympic medal for Corey (USA|K-80). She defeated Spanish shooter Fatima Galvez in the shoot-off for bronze medal after both shooters shot 13 out of 15 targets.
Congratulations Corey, and thank you so much for this Olympic medal!  Besides Corey, our shooter Gaby Ahrens from Namibia also shot a really good 9th place and missed the final by just one target.

Our Skeet shooters Frank Thompson and Federico Gil:
Frank Thompson (USA|K-80) as well as Federico Gil (ARG|K-80) fought until the very end of the qualification but didn’t make it into the final.

Our Skeet Ladies:
Morgan Craft (USA|K-80) and Melisa Gil (ARG|K-80) had both to shoot off together with Albina Shakirova (RUS) for getting into the final – and there was just one spot. Morgan won the shoot off!  She then tied up in the semi-final with two more shooters and had to shoot-off again against her team mate Kimberly Rhode (USA) as well as Wei Meng (CHN) for the Bronze medal match.
Morgan ended up 5th. She shot great and deserved being in the final. Melisa finished 8th.

Olympic Record for the German Double Trap shooter Andreas Löw:
He set a new Olympic record of 140 in the qualification round together with James Willett (AUS). Windy conditions and amid overcast didn’t make it easy at all. Andy then went into the Final and achieved 6th place.

Our Belgian Trap-shooter:
Maxime Mottet, our Belgian Trap shooter finished in 10th place.

We want to congratulate all our shooters to their great efforts and achievements! We are very proud that they represented Krieghoff at this outstanding level in Rio de Janeiro. At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games Krieghoff had five competing shooters. This year it were nine, seven of them achieved a top ten ranking, out of these, four qualified for the finals, where two managed to capture a medal in the end.

Thanks to all of our shooters for representing Krieghoff at these magnificent Olympic Games!

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