Krieghoff Shooters Dominate Southwestern Grand

14 Apr Krieghoff Shooters Dominate Southwestern Grand

Krieghoff shooters take top honors at Southwestern Grand in San Antonio, Texas this past weekend. Richard Marshall, Jr., Sean Hawley, and Harlan Campbell, Jr. swept the High Over All by taking Champ, Runner Up and Third, while Deborah Ohye-Neilson dominated the ladies.



Richard Marshall Jr.

RIO Doubles Champion (Broke the Lone 100 Straight)

Remington Nitro 27 Preliminary Handicap Champion

All American Top Gun Shootout Champion

Southwestern Grand High Overall Champion

Harlan Campbell, Jr.

Remington Nitro 27 Preliminary Handicap 3rd

Singles Championship Runner-up

Doubles Championship AAA Runner-Up

Handicap Championship 6th

High All Around Champion

High Overall 3rd

Sean Hawley

Q20 Handicap 27 yard Champ

NSSF Doubles Champion

RIO Doubles AAA Champ

Browning Doubles AAA Champ

High Overall Runner-Up

Deborah Ohye-Neilson

Singles Lady 1 Champ

Handicap Champion

Doubles Lady 1 Champion

Q-20 Handicap Lady 1 Champion

RIO Doubles Lady 1 Champion

Browning Doubles Lady 1 Champion

Singles Champion Lady 1 Champion

Handicap Championship Lady 1 Runner-Up

High All Around Lady 1 Champion

High Overall Lady 1 Runner-Up

Hardy Musselman

Singles Championship Junior Gold Champion

Doubles Championship Junior Gold Champion

High All Around Junior Gold Champion

Ben Larson

Handicap Runner-Up

Remington Nitro 27 Preliminary Handicap Runner-Up

Handicap Championship Runner-Up

High All Around Runner-Up

Bruce and Webster Burton shot very well! Their whole family shoots and owns several K-80’s!  Bruce won Sub-vet Handicap Championship and made the 27 Yardline for the first time! His son Webster won 9 Junior Gold Trophies!


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