Krieghoff Shooters Fill 7 of 9 Spots on 2013 NSSA All-American Open First Team

03 Apr Krieghoff Shooters Fill 7 of 9 Spots on 2013 NSSA All-American Open First Team

Todd Bender makes the team for 32nd consecutive year. 

With the 2013 shooting year upon us, it is time for the release of the NSSA Krieghoff All American Team’s.  This annual list of stellar shooters is compiled from their individual 2012 shooting accomplishments.  Krieghoff is extremely well represented on the 2013 teams, including having shooters fill 7 of the 9 spots on the Open First Team.

Below you will see Krieghoff shooters listed on their respective teams.

Open First Team
Michael E. Schmidt Jr.
Todd Bender
Hayes Wauford
Van Boerner
Robert Paxton
Sam Armstrong
Kurt Grates

Open Second Team
Clay Baldwin
John Castillo
Don Snyder
Mark Vaillancourt
Stuart Brown

Open Honorable Mention
John Herkowitz
David Starrett

Lady First Team
Tami Myers
Lindsay Plesko

Lady Second Team
Louise Terry

Sub-Junior First Team
Christian Elliott – Captain

Collegiate First Team
Dustan Taylor

Triple-Sub Second Team
John Barnes
Ben Gallup

Second-Sub-Senior First Team
Nick Marsden
John E. Barnes

Sub-Senior First Team
Michael Schmidt, Jr. – Captain
Al Magyar

Senior First Team
Bill Wilson
Howard Matthews
Bill Myers

Senior Second Team
James Biddle

Veteran First Team
J. Vernon Drake

Veteran Second Team
William Dunkum

Military First Team
Brian Moore

Krieghoff would like to congratulate all of you on your excellent shooting in 2012 and wish you good shooting for the 2013 year.

If you made one of the Krieghoff NSSA All-American Team’s and were not listed above, please contact John Commerford at or 610-847-5173.

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