Krieghoff Shooters Prevail at USA Shooting Nationals

Krieghoff Shooters Prevail at USA Shooting Nationals

The 2017 USA Shooting Nationals were held in Colorado Springs, Colorado with spots for the USA World Championship team on the line. With over 100 competitors and windy conditions, the shooters would need to perform at the top of their games and our shooters did just that.

In the Men’s Trap division Jake Wallace made the final and after 50 targets ended up 5th, 2 targets away from the bronze medal. Hank Garvey, after his switch to Bunker Trap from Double Trap, secured the bronze medal and Tommy Browning secured the Senior Men’s Gold

In Women’s Trap Krieghoff shooters Kayle Browning-Thomas and Corey Cogdell-Unrein secured the Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

In Skeet, Christian Elliott won the Men’s Junior Gold medal along with Caitlin Connor who took home the Silver medal and Katie Jacob who secured the Junior Ladies Gold.

Out of the hundreds of competitors, there were only  24 openings to represent the United States at the World Championships in Moscow in September and Krieghoff shooters took 8 of those spots. The shooters representing both the United States and Krieghoff are Jake Wallace, Roe Reynolds, Corey Cogdell-Unrein, Christian Elliott, Frank Thompson, Caitlin Connor, Nic Moschetti, and Katie Jacob.  To view, all results click here.


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