PA State Trap Shoot a success!

27 Jun PA State Trap Shoot a success!

k challenge 2015Congratulations to all Krieghoff shooters who participated in the Pennsylvania State Trap Shoot last weekend.  The Krieghoff Challenge has 1260 entries. Numbers “0” and “9” were drawn for the event and after 3 rounds of shoot offs (30 targets) Jake Madkiff of Kutztown, PA won. Some highlights of our Krieghoff shooters included:

Doubles Championship

K-80 shooter Mike Blaisdell was high score with a lone 100 straight.  Adam Krzyzanowski of Warminster won the

Handicap Championship

Ken Darroch  – Champion with a 99×100

All Around

Ken Darroch  – Winner with a 394      Adam Krzyzanowski  – Runner-up 390

High Over All

Donald Schaffer Jr. won the High Overall and Ken Darroch wasrunner-up.  Don Neilson broke a 200 straight in Event #16 for runner-up.

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