Kie Kababik

Kie 2012

Home:  Townsend, DE

Krieghoff Gun:  K-80 Combo with custom stock. Top Single K-80 Trap Special combo

Career Highlights:
  • 2011 Sub Jr. All-American captain
  • 2010 Sub Jr. All American.
  • 2010 North East Grand Sub Jr. HAA,  HOA and runner up in singles championship.
  • 2010 Dixie Grand Sub Jr. Singles R/U, and HOA champion
  • 2010 Empire Grand Sub Jr. Singles, Dbls, Hdcp, HAA, and HOA champion.
  • 2010 Delaware State Single, HAA, and HOA Champion. Also SJ Hdcp and Dbls Champion.
  • Six 2010 Grand American Sub Jr. trophies, also Sub Jr. runner up in  Class Singles Championship and CTC.
  • Won 26 other trophies from the New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York state shoots.
  • 2009   Empire Grand Singles SJ Champion
  • 2009  18 other trophies  from New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania State Shoots.
Shooting Tip:                 Always take one target at a time; don’t ever worry about final score just fundamentals. ” 
Other Information: Kie attends Caravel Academy in Bear, Delaware. He enjoys playing soccer, hunting or anything that is outdoors. Kie was also one of the first Sub Juniors to win his states HOA, HAA, and the Single Championship in one year.