Catalog Engravings

Krieghoff Shotgun Standard Engravings

The Highest Example of Fine Art

The unadorned surfaces and contours of the K-80 and K-20 offer a generous – and superb – canvas for creating engravings of every style and type.

The large selection of standard engraving motifs shows the endless creative options for embellishing these competition shotguns. Many shooters make the K-80 or K-20 their very own competition shotgun by expressing their individual tastes; of course, the engraving is a fundamental part of this.

Krieghoff’s engravers develop the one-of-a-kind overall design of each shotgun from your basic concept, without compromising stylistic integrity.


Vintage Scroll

Celtic Scroll

Super Standard

Vienna Scroll

Gold Standard (Blued)


Vintage Game Scene I

Super Scroll – Color Case Hardened

Parcours Special

Suhl Scroll



Plantation Scroll

Bavaria Royale

Gold Super Scroll

Gold Plantation Scroll

Vintage Game II

Gold Plantation – Blued

Gold Uplander

Heritage Scroll

Highland Game I

Bavaria Suhl

Waterfowl Medallion

San Remo

Heritage Game I

Vintage Game III

Highland Game II

Gold Bavaria Royale

Gold Renaissance

Monte Carlo

Heritage Game II


Heritage Game III

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