Krieghoff Guns of the Year

Krieghoff Guns of the Year

Gun of the Year – 2018

The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2018 allows a rare glimpse into the mind of a genius. Known as “Renaissance Man”, Leonardo da Vinci has long been hailed as one of the most talented individuals who ever lived. Through a collaboration of Creative Art talent, da Vinci’s masterpieces come to life on the Krieghoff K-80 selected as our gun of the year.

The receiver left presents a study of da Vinci’s mysterious side bordered by two more traditional images. “The Annunciation” on the left and “Study of Horses” on the right were common themes of artists during this time period. However, the true subjects of “Lady with Ermine” and “Portrait of a Man” have kept generations guessing for half a millennium. Self-portrait? Secret love? The answer still eludes us.

The receiver right shows da Vinci’s study of human anatomy with the famous “Vitruvian Man” showing the geometry of the human body and “Anatomical Studies of the Shoulder” flanking “Warrior Heads”. Each realistic detail gives the figures life.

But it is the receiver bottom where the treasure lies. The famous Mona Lisa. There she sits in all her splendor as if da Vinci himself helped guide the engraver’s hand. Two delicate beauties demur to the lady who has been the Muse for centuries.

The trigger guard continues the Master’s work and the top latch bears his name and dates of birth and death. Entwined throughout the delicate scroll work lie examples of da Vinci’s scientific mind and inventions.

Nearly 500 Years have passed since da Vinci’s death, yet his work is still visionary and timeless. What inspirations will come to the shooter who holds this K-80 in their hands?

“The da Vinci” Krieghoff K-80 Parcours – a true one of a kind masterpiece offered by Alamo Sporting Arms.

Gun of the Year – 2017

The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2017 celebrates the life of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody on the 100th Anniversary of his passing.  Master Engraver Hendrik Frühauf captures the true spirit of the Wild West Buffalo Bill shared with the world on a K-80 Sporter in 12 gauge illustrating the hunter, soldier and showman sides of this American Legend.

The receiver’s right side illustrates how Cody earned his famous moniker. His hunting prowess not only kept the men of the Kansas Pacific Railroad fed but won him the exclusive right to be called Buffalo Bill after he bested William Comstock in an  eight hour hunting competition for the name.

The receiver left side shows Buffalo Bill riding into the middle of his Wild West Show proudly bearing the American flag, symbolizing his deep patriotism. Rough Riders breaking broncos and a Native American settlement transport the spectator to the Wild West. In contrast the Chicago World’s Fair Ferris Wheel looms in the background.  Buffalo Bill’s answer to the outrageous tariff the World’s Fair organizer wanted to levy on the Wild West Show to participate, was to lease land outside of the fair gates and hold his show on his terms.  Seven months of sold out performances netted Buffalo Bill enough profits to establish the town of Cody, Wyoming and help various causes near to his heart.

The Buffalo Nickel engraved on specially designed hinge pins represent the Native Americans who worked in the Wild West show and were used as models for the coin.

The receiver bottom shows the classic showman pose Buffalo Bill was famous for framed in gold script and ornate scroll. Engraved on the top latch is the Medal of Honor awarded to Buffalo Bill for his work as a civilian scout during the Civil War. The dates “1846 – 1917” adorn the trigger guard depicting a life that spanned 71 years, and created a legend that will live forever.

Gun of the Year – 2016

At the IWA in Nuremberg, gunsmiths, engravers and stock makers will exhibit their skills: Every year a different Krieghoff model is manufactured, showcasing the superior craftsmanship in the form of “Gun of the Year“.  AUSTRALIA – The world’s largest island, a continent in its own right – is home to an abundant range of beautiful and unique animals with many of them featured on this masterpiece. The side plates host two of the country’s iconic landscapes, Ayers Rock (Uluru) and Sydney’s famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  The national flower, The Golden Wattle is depicted throughout and dominates the pierced top lever.

The delicate details of the over 20 animals, highlighted by splashes of enamel and white, rose, yellow gold accents have been beautifully captured by the world renowned engraving studio, Creative Art. “Terra Australis” – the name given to this exquisite creation and worthy of the title – 2016 Krieghoff Gun of the Year!

Another gun by Krieghoff, befitting the title “Gun of the Year”!

Gun of the Year – 2015

Every year a different Krieghoff model is manufactured, showcasing the superior craftsmanship in form of “Gun of the Year“. Krieghoff engravers conducted extensive research for this particular engraving that depicts the historic battle that occurred from February 23rd until March 6th in 1836 between Texas and Mexico. Giacomo Fausti captures the emotion and turmoil of the fight on the soldiers’ faces along with subtle gold accents on the men’s uniforms to bring life to each scene depicted on the Krieghoff K–80 receiver.  This classic K-80 with its historical design has been named “Gun of the Year” for 2015.

Gun of the Year – 2014

The very special charm of stalking in the mountains is dedicated to this year’s Gun of the Year – a Krieghoff Hubertus Single Shot Rifle, engraved by master engraver Gregor Stögner.  This gun is a masterpiece that leaves no wish unfulfilled: equipped with the ‘intelligent ejector system’ and a barrel length of 60 cm (24″), in caliber 8x57IRS, this exquisite Single Shot Rifle impresses one with exclusive contouring, handmade elegant forearm and butt stock made of the finest grade walnut completed with a hand-rubbed oil finish and a double rabbet Bavarian cheek piece.

Gun of the Year – 2013

This year’s “Gun of the Year” is a Krieghoff Hubertus Single Shot Rifle, engraved by Armin Bundschuh, in .270 Win., with a barrel length of 60 cm (24″). This unique Single Shot Rifle with exhibition grade wood, fine wood carvings and a hand rubbed true-oil finish, impresses with a stunning engraved sideplates, featuring an African game scene and accents in two different gold tones – yellow and green.

Gun of the Year – 2012

Since 1999 Krieghoff has annually given one special gun the prestigious title of Gun of the Year.  The gun of the year is as much a piece of art as it is a working firearm.  This distinguished honor affords the master engraver and opportunity to show off their talent and expertise.  For 2012 a truly unique 32” K-80 Pro-Sporter was given this honor.  The “Freedom Gun” was the center of attention in the Krieghoff booth at the IWA show.

Gun of the Year – 2011

In it‘s 125th Anniversary Year, the 2011 Gun of the Year is a Krieghoff Neptun, the crown jewel in Krieghoff’s hunting gun repertoire.  The drilling, caliber .30-06, .30-06, 20/76 features ‘Exclusive Façon’, burlwood, ebony forearm tip and ‘Kaiser’-grip with hand polished stock finish. Intricate checkering in a customized English Arabesque pattern perfects the stock.  Like the Neptun Type ‘M’, the sidelocks are hand-detachable and completely gold plated.  The action features a unique ‘Exclusive Façon’ engraving, with embossed accents.  The engraving motif honors the classic style of traditional Krieghoff guns, and was custom engraved by Krieghoff Master Engraver Gerhard Reich.

Gun of the Year – 2010

Each year, Krieghoff selects a “Gun of the Year” to present at the annual IWA Show. For 2010, The K-80 Pro Sporter in 12 gauge with 3” chamber and 32” O/U Floating Rib barrels with Titanium Choke Tubes has been chosen for this honor.  Dieter Krieghoff inspired the “Horses” engraving theme, which Creative Art exquisitely interpreted on the K-80 using various techniques and the skill of the engraver for this masterpiece.

Gun of the Year – 2009

There can only be one…and so each year the minds of Krieghoff in Germany and the United States meet to design the one firearm that embodies the spirit and craftsmanship borne in five generations of gun making.  As the ideas flow into an intricate design on paper, a Master Engraver is approached to transform pencil drawings into a one of a kind engraving on a Krieghoff firearm. With the passion of the art and the appreciation of craftsmanship, the Engraver strikes the first mark signifying the beginning of a masterpiece.

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