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Gil and Vicki Ash

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Vicki has been shooting with Gil since their marriage 42 years ago.  They began in skeet and in 1983 shot sporting clays for the first time and were immediately hooked on this new game.  Gil missed the last bird on his first round of sporting and in his first tournament he shot a perfect score.  Vicki’s game evolved quickly and they became part of a group of traveling shooters that would travel around the country shooting tournaments where they either won or placed in the top 10,  everywhere they went.

Gil commissioned the writing of the first rulebook, establishing the first classification system and nurtured Sporting along its evolution to where it is today.  Vicki continued to work on her game and after 1989 and the establishment of the NSCA became a multi-time All American shooter and National Champion and their son Brian was an All American shooter as a sub-junior. Gils competitive carrier was cut short due to a shoulder injury in 1990 which began his quest for becoming a professional instructor/coach.  “One of our hardest decisions we made”, according to Vicki, “was to stop competing and become professional coaches but we felt the only way we could ever become the best in the business is to dedicate ourselves to one combined goal.”  In 1992 OSP Shooting School was born and continues to evolve along with the new science of skill building and neurological processing and vision evolves.   Over the past 25 years they have logged well in excess of 50,000 hours EACH as professional coaches, witnessing in excess of 5,000,000 shotgun shells fired at targets and game birds, as well as being the Shooting Editors of Sporting Clays Magazine and Shot-gunning Editors of Safari Magazine.  Together they have authored 16 books to date as well as 200 one hour Pod casts on mental and physical training and hundreds of articles all of which are housed in their Knowledge Vault along with 5,000 video lessons and 6 instructional DVD’s.

When not coaching, writing or doing video tips they can be found at their bay house chasing speckled sea trout, redfish and flounder in their Skeeter bay boat or just watching the sunrise and sun set every chance they get.

The Ashes’ innovative teaching techniques have revolutionized shooting instruction with their focus on the mental and visual aspects of shotgunning. Many of the methods pioneered by the Ashes and OSP (Optimum Shotgun Performance) Shooting School are now emulated by instructors worldwide.  Gil and Vicki shoot Krieghoff K-80 Sporting guns with  32″ Tapered Flat Choke Tube Barrels and #3 Sporting Wood.

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Gil and Vicki shoot Krieghoff K-80 Sportings

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