Makadi Safaris has been owned and operated by the Metzger family for three generations. They have maintained and expanded their vast hunting areas with a sensible game management program in place. The area is never over-hunted. This makes it possible for you to have an extraordinary adventure every day and take trophies that can be world records.

Omalanga Safaris – The word Omalanga is derived from the Ovambo Tribe’s language and means “Impala”. The Impala stands for beauty, strength and swiftness, and is one of the most graceful antelopes on the African continent, which is why it was chosen as the company logo. We love to share with our clients what we love the most: ranging the untamed bushveld with its multitude of vibrant and elegant game roaming the open plains and the beautiful unforgettable African star-spangled nights at the camp fire. Our tented camps certainly offer more than luxury accommodation. You will experience a way of living you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

South Africa

Katzke Safaris provide superior Big Game Hunting, Wing shooting and Adventure Safaris across southern Africa. Our roots lie deep in the African soil, and operating in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe; we are perfectly positioned to offer unforgettable African safari experiences to discerning adventurers. We pride ourselves on offering quality service and attention to detail, from our camps to our vehicles and guides. For us, the quality of not only the trophy, but of the entire experience, is paramount.


Zambezi Hunters has a proud tradition of providing some of the best big game hunting in Africa. For over 40 years we have been guiding hunters from all over the world on dangerous game safaris, providing them with the Classic African Safari experience and sending them away with memories that last a lifetime. We want you to experience the adventure of a Classic African Safari; to see the fiery welcome to each day as the sun rises, the adrenaline of tracking up dangerous game through thick bush, of sitting round a camp fire under the African night sky and the camaraderie of the hunting camp in the wilderness.

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