Shooting Instructors

Shooting Instructors


OSP Shooting School

Gil and Vicki are experienced and comfortable teaching all methods of shooting –Swing through, pull away, and maintained lead–as well as understanding the amount of risk each method creates for each type of shot.

It Just Makes Sense –The main frustration with shotgun shooting is missing a target when you are certain that you know how to hit it and and you’ve done it many times before. You don’t understand why you missed it: Maybe you just got lucky before; maybe your gun mount slipped this time; or a thousand other excuses.

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Gebben Miles – – Quiet Dust Shooting

In January 2012 Gebben Miles decided to create a company built around Sporting Clays Instruction. What started as a simple idea of providing the shooting community with fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to shoot well, quickly grew into the company and movement that is now Quiet Dust Shooting.

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Bobby Fowler, Jr. – Elite Shooting School

Elite Shooting School, led by world title holder Bobby Fowler, Jr., builds the lasting skills, habits and attitudes advanced and beginning shotgun shooters need to succeed in Sporting Clays, FITASC, Skeet, Trap, Five Stand and Helice.

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Gary Phillips – Shooting Instruction

Gary Phillips is a native born Englishman who has been shooting Sporting Clays for over 35 years. Gary is a talented shooter / instructor who teaches all methods of shooting. Pull away, maintained lead, swing through and move-mount-shoot. A complete shooter needs to master all of these techniques. Learning when to apply a specific technique on a specific target is one of the keys of Gary’s coaching system.

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Harlan Campbell, Jr.

During a 2-day clinic I will cover all three disciplines of shooting: Singles, Handicap, and Doubles. Each shooter will be taken as an individual, since you come with varying degrees of ability, and experience. I will begin with making sure that you have a good solid shooting foundation; one that will allow you to enjoy your shooting game as never before.

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Kay Ohye

Come down and spend a few hours with me and get your gun fitted, pattern and have me video you and help you see what you are doing wrong and how I can help you break more targets.

This would be the best investment you can ever make.

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Phil Kiner

The three most important things to do shooting trap are: 1) Get the gun to shoot where YOU look when shooting targets. 2) Learn what it means to really look at the target and then do that every time. THEN 3) Keep your head on the gun and look at the target every time.

Phil Kiner does private/group lessons regularly in Cheyenne. He also has two instructional trapshooting DVD’s available. Please click here for more information.


Todd Bender

Todd Bender was named the first Master Instructor for the National Skeet Shooting Association, has been trained by the UKs Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) and is an Honorary Fellow in England’s Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. His teaching methods have taken him around the world and created a number of like world champions. Todd is recognized as the leading authority in shooting instruction. For 20 years, his series of best selling DVDs have set the standard for instructional shooting videos within the industry.

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Frank Thompson

At Hancock Shooting Academy, we teach shooting in a private setting. Winters are mild and we can train all year long. Students from beginner to advanced. Specializing in International Skeet. Lessons in American Skeet and Sporting Clays also available.

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