Gil and Vicky Ash

Gil and Vicky Ash

Krieghoff Sporting Pro Staff

Hometown:  Fulshear, Texas

Krieghoff Gun: K-80 Sporting, 32″ Tapered Flat Choke Tube Barrel, #3 Sporting Wood

Career Highlights:

Gil and Vicki Ash were among the first professional, full-time shotgun instructors in the U.S., retiring from their competitive shooting careers in 1992 after having won numerous championships in sporting clays and skeet. The Ashes’ innovative teaching techniques have revolutionized shooting instruction with their focus on the mental and visual aspects of shotgunning. Many of the methods pioneered by the Ashes and OSP (Optimum Shotgun Performance) Shooting School are now emulated by instructors worldwide.

Shooting Tip: 

“OSP Shooting School, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the nation’s leading authority on teaching shotgun skills for hunting and clay target sports. As its owners, Gil and Vicki Ash are known as the most influential shotgunning instructors in the country, personally teaching over 1800 students per year in seminars, clinics, and private lessons nationwide. In addition, they reach millions more shotgunners through their unique “OSP Coaching Hour” dial-in talk show, videos, TV appearances, magazine articles, and interviews.”

For more information, contact OSP Shooting School, 15020 Cutten Rd., Houston, TX 77070, phone 800-838-7533, Please note that we have a selection of the OSP Shooting School instructional DVD’s and Books available here on our online store.

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